Need to Discover More Ways to Ask Someone on a Date?

Diana Kirschner
Dr. Diana Kirschner
June, 2021
Someone on a Date?

There are many various ways to ask someone on a date; these depend on yourself and your partner and what you both find appealing. Some ways of dating are:

  • Using mutual interests to your benefit
  • Speaking from the heart
  • Approaching them with a group date
  • Writing a note or letter to read and keep
  • Implementing a strategic approach using the best hookup apps
  • Make a game out of it!

Read on for more and decide how to ask your partner out on a date in the best way possible!

Sometimes Speaking From the Heart Is Certainly More Effective!

Many people underestimate the power of speaking the truth and wearing your heart on your sleeve. Often the most successful and appreciated way of dating is to ask them openly and honestly in a casual way. Not many people go for this option because it's easier to text or call them. However, asking face to face is definitely more effective and courageous. If you want an underrated way to ask out a partner, just ask clearly and honestly, and you are bound to get the date!

Use Your Mutual Interests to Score Yourself a Date!

Every couple or potential couple bond over certain activities or interests: when asking someone out, you should use these interests to your advantage! If you appreciate the same foods, then simply suggest a restaurant to visit or even surprise them with their favorite dishes via catering. If you share the same taste in movies or music, approach them with a night-out idea based on that. Having the same interests means you'll certainly get a yes! Using a mutual interest makes the time spent together individual and memorable, and it shows you care; what could go wrong?

Dating Alone Is Daunting, Try Inviting Mutual Friends!

When picturing asking someone out, people see it as an alone activity. This adds unnecessary pressure and makes you nervous, which is why inviting them on a group date is a perfect idea. It's casual but still permits to learn about each other in a date setting which is the purpose of dating. Often, the first dating experience does not seem perfect because of nerves and stress, which makes a group date ideal. Being surrounded by friends and having a social buffer is bound to ease your nerves and help show your best self!

Why Not Bring The Romance to Them Before the Date!

Nowadays, the majority of singles have gotten lost in technology and ignore romantic gestures, it seems normal to ask a person for a date over text or phone calls. Asking them out through a note or letter makes a refreshing change from the usual methods. Asking in writing is simple, sweet, and sensitive, not to mention brings that nostalgic feeling back to dating. It seems rare to ask people out in such a sweet way, which proves that you certainly do care and believe they are worth it! Romance will lead the way in your date when you use writing to win them over!

Asking Someone Out Shouldn't Be Stressful, Make It Fun!

Asking your partner out for the first time doesn't necessarily have to be serious, make it fun and involve them in the date planning. Making it a game and adding a bit of healthy competition is an original way to ask someone out. Challenging them to plan a better dating experience than you is a fun way of asking them out in a casual way which removes most of the stress and pressure! Planning a date together is underrated and perfect for asking your date out!

After reading a variety of methods for asking your partner on a date, what's stopping you from dating? Choose the best way for your situation and try it out today! Base your decision on yourself and your partner for it to be a success! Dating is not as scary as it once was; the first step is the hardest and is now simpler! So get flirting and go dating at once!

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Diana Kirschner
Dr. Diana Kirschner

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