The 5 Best Sex Games of 2021

Diana Kirschner
Dr. Diana Kirschner
June, 2021
Best Sex Games


This is the first sex game with full dating stories. It's one of the most complex sex simulation games on the internet. This is as a result of multiple dating and intimate adventures collected in one game. Although complex, it has a simple design and allows easy navigation, so even newbies would find it convenient. It can be played on both your personal computer and mobile device. It's free and comes with a lot of naughty game mechanics. The SexSimulator game has a user base of males, females, and trans and can be played by people of ages( the required age to enter is 18 YO); teen to mature. It's comparable to most dating and free hookup apps due to its community and user base.

  • Multiplayer and Single-player game modes
  • A lot of in-game bonuses and boosters
  • Proceed with caution! May cause addiction
  • It's easy to use and navigate
  • Has lots of in-app ads
  • It uses credit cards for age verification. A bit tricky.


This is the sex dating game that has the highest collection of different fetich elements tied with MILF dating culture. Filled with busty moms, their desirable passion, and unstoppable inner flame, it can mesmerize any MILF lover around the world. It even allows you to create and customize a Milf character of your desire with specific qualities. It allows incest-like relations; in addition, it has lots of real sex dating elements. To it all, it's completely F2P.

The Milfinator has a user base of cougar chasers, so if you are one, you're in the right place. High-quality sex scenes and specific passionate vulgarity of available actions won't leave you aside.

  • It has a free mobile version
  • It's completely F2P, and no payment is needed
  • The game updates weekly
  • It may be attractive only to cougar chasers


This is one of the best online dating sex games. It has an easy sign-up process, and it is free. The Jerkdolls can be played straight from your web browser, so it saves you from installation stress. It's supported by many devices and operating systems like Windows, macOS, and even Linux. Hey, with Jerkdolls, you don't need to worry about boring and old content, as the developers in Jerkdolls release fresh patches every Thursday. The graphic aspect is top-notch, powered with a quality render 3D engine. It passes as the most virtually entertaining game and free hookup app for online sex dating.

  • High-quality 3D graphics.
  • It can be played in multiple languages, many variants of localization are available
  • An efficient team of developers improves your gaming experience
  • Only community forums are there for discussing the ingame stuff
  • It costs money to play
  • Poor audio quality

The CPU requirements are pretty high, which means it would be troublesome to play on potato-PC


This is one of the trendiest online sex dating games of all time. It's flexible, safe, and fun to play. The Wankalot game can be played from the web browser; you don't need to be worried about the specs of your PC. It's also free and can still be played without registration, so you don't need to worry about being caught by someone you know. As for safety and privacy reasons: the Wankalot game is secured with end-to-end encryption. It's the most popular adult dating and gaming site, and it has a lot of characters to choose from to play. You can create your own character to display your personal characteristics.

  • It has an excellent models collection
  • It requires no installation
  • Has games from a lot of Niches
  • The forums and the support may seem inactive
  • No direct user interaction, unlike in the free hookup apps

World of Whore-Craft

Do you love mystic magic and legendary adventures, you want to find something of sex games in the fantasy setting? Then the World of Whore-Craft is the right choice for you. It is filled with crazy and uncontrollable perverted scenes and characters that catch your every fantasy. From witches to fairies, to elves and even ogres, if you are into those kinds of stuff. Fantasy dating adventures begin here.

The game is very easy to set up. With all the wild and brutal sex scenes, it's able to draw the attention of even the most requiring fans of magic worlds. Prepare for another amazing journey and dive into this nasty fantasy world. It will make you lose your nuts. Surely.

  • It has an extremally amazing graphic design
  • Lots of characters to choose from
  • The scenes, the poses, and settings can be chosen by the user
  • There is no character customization
  • It has only a few dedicated mechanics for sexual interactions

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