The Best, Easy & Proven-To-Work 10 Lesbian Pick Up Lines

Diana Kirschner
Dr. Diana Kirschner
June, 2021
Lesbian Pick Up

The world has evolved tremendously and has begun accepting LGBTQIA+ people and seeing them for what they truly are - normal people. It can be hard sometimes to figure out whether or not the person you’re talking to has the same sexual orientation as you and if they are interested in hooking up.

But it shouldn’t be hard. Sign up on the best lesbian hookup apps, start a chat, practice the best lesbian pick-up lines, and get yourself a hot, steamy date. If you’re into lesbian dating, here are the top 10 best pick-up lines to get you on track to that coveted third date when everything gets naughty.

You’ve got great legs! They’d look even better with my head between them.

It might be a little bit straightforward, but if you necessitate progressing from strangers to dating or a hot hookup, then this could be your best bet. Chances are she will see it funny, and this will start the conversation. There’s no dire consequence. She’ll either believe it’s a great line, and your dating life will flourish, or she’ll shrug it off and leave, but you’re not wasting any precious time.

I have an oral exam tomorrow, can I practice with you?

Simple, cute, fun - this line works the same as the previous one. It’s playful and to the point. If she’s a fun girl, she’ll appreciate your bold move. And if she doesn’t, then she wasn’t the right one anyway. Bonus, if she agrees off the bat, you’ll have a great time.

Les-bi-honest! You were definitely checking me out.

This is a great opener because it addresses what your sexual orientation is and that you’re interested in her without implying anything aggressive. If she is a lesbian and was checking you out, then you’ve presented the perfect opening that she can take benefit from.

Do you like my shirt? It’s made of girlfriend material.

This one is more for dating rather than hooking up. It’s simple and sweet and underrated. You’re not pushing any limits; you’re simply allowing her to recognize that you desire serious dating and want a girlfriend. It’s a solid opener that can help you shift the dynamic and ensure that your intentions are clear - you’re into dating, not casual hookups.

You’ve got super nice fingers.

This is self-explanatory. It draws attention to her hands. It makes her comprehend your intentions and also that you notice everything. It’s also a much more personal and unconventional compliment than the over-used “you have beautiful eyes”.

Let’s go somewhere nice and pass the Bechdel Test.

Ask her on a date, tell her that you’re into lesbian dating and that you are cultured, all in the same sentence. This example will tell her more about who you are than most lesbian pick-up lines.

I’ve read your horoscope, and it said you were going to meet the one today. Hi, I’m the one.

Customarily, women are easily swooned when you discuss their signs, astrology, and horoscope. You can secure an opening by finding out what her sign is and progress. You’ll seem interested in her and have a lot to talk about. Plus, if you’re lucky and your signs are compatible, chances are you’ll be dating soon enough.

Yes, you’ll go nicely on my to-do list.

This one is naughty and draws a fine line showing that you are not into dating; you want a hook up immediately. If she desires the equivalent, then you’ve jumped a few levels and will get to business sooner.

Your lips look lonely. They should meet mine.

Sweet and casual, it can progress both in a serious dating direction and in a casual one. It’s the kind of backhanded compliment that makes women weak in the knees. It’s a slight insult and a compliment as you didn’t say she has beautiful lips, but you crave kissing them.

Want an Australian kiss? It’s just like a French kiss, only down under.

It might be cultured; it might be a tiny bit straightforward. But hey, you took risks. And they might pay off. If she needs an assertive woman who comprehends what she requires and goes get it, then she’ll respond positively. Try your luck, observe what happens.

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