Online Dating Statistics You Should Know Before Joining Up!

Diana Kirschner
Dr. Diana Kirschner
June, 2021
Online Dating

Before joining an online dating website, it's always handy to have the facts and to know what to expect from the experience. Many people of all different ages and sexual orientations use matchmaking sites or the best hookup apps. Having the facts will help you to see if internet datings right for you! Read on and find out how successful online mating may be at helping you find love! Maybe some points and observations will be the essentials to help you find the best way to build your own romantic approach.

So, How Many People Actually Use Online Dating Websites?

Many people avoid finding a partner online as they think they won't find somebody to love; however, they don't know that 40% of single Americans use online platforms and services. That's 4 in every 10 single people! Those are pretty good odds; the number of single people online means there's enough variety for you to find your perfect match! Almost half of all single Americans can be found on dating sites... What are you waiting for?

How Successful Are Online Dating Websites at Finding Love?

Everybody knows that people can find love on the internet, but many believe it to be rare, that couldn't be more wrong! 30% of all current committed relationships began online with the help of this or that website! If that doesn't give you hope that love is around the corner, what will? Web search can help you find singles with similar interests, meaning a high chance of finding your perfect match and starting a long-term relationship!

Are Online Dating Sites Popular Across All Age Groups?

It's common to assume that dating sites are only for singles in their early 20s, which is also not true. There are singles of all ages online; no matter what your age is, you're bound to find someone to love!

  • 48% of single 18-29 year-olds can be found on websites; that's almost half!
  • If you're above 50, hope isn't lost: 19% of singles above 50 are looking for love on websites, which makes it easier to wade through them all and find your perfect match!
  • 38% of singles between the age of 30-49 are using online dating websites. Those odds are high!

There are plenty of singles for people of any age to meet online, which is lucky for everyone who's looking for love!

Can Anyone Of Any Sexual Orientation Find Love Online?

Dating sites are not only for straight singles; 55% of LGBTQ+ singles admit having used dating sites in the past, which is over half! For LGBTQ+ individuals, it's hard to meet like-minded singles in person. To it all, there is still a lot of judgment to non-binary people, which makes it specifically difficult for LGBTQ+ representatives to at least try going out for a blind date, for instance.

Compared to LGBTQ+ singles, 28% of straight adults say they've used specific platforms. That's still a fair amount of singles to choose from. This statistic shows that no matter who you are or your sexual orientation, you're bound to find someone to love today!

How Many People Feel Safe And Secure When Dating Online?

There's always a question of safety when trying anything new, and that goes for internet dating too. It can feel scary meeting a stranger online with the intention of romance and intimacy. Although it may concern people, 55% of Americans agree that sites are a safe way to meet people in the community. Many feel safer knowing they can get to know someone safer online and meet in person when they're ready. Meeting people online is often actually seen as the better option in the modern world. Still, one should always be cautious and attentive to the upcoming signs and signals. If something worries you or makes you kind of doubting – choose someone else to go out. It's never bad to keep it up with your feelings and do the stuff you consider comfortable.

From age concerns to sexual orientation to safety, there are so many questions when starting to date on the web. If these statistics prove anything, it's that internet dating can be the perfect place for anyone to meet their next date no matter who they are or what they are looking for. There are so many singles out there, so get started today!

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Diana Kirschner
Dr. Diana Kirschner

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